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Thank You For Joining and Supporting Our Mission!

By Intersections

Thank you for supporting our shared mission to bless greater Cape May with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Advent season prepares us to welcome the Messiah who enters our lives in these uncertain times. Your gifts continue to bless others and transform lives, and your partnership in the Gospel is needed now more than ever.

On behalf of the Finance Team, thank you for joining and supporting our mission with your financial gifts. Your gift may be mailed, given online through, or by visiting our website:

Though many find giving online to be a convenient and safe way to support our church’s ministry faithfully, some prefer offering in-person. You will find donation boxes in the Red Brick Church, and one marked General Ministry and the other designated to the Deacons Ministry. Or, mail your gift to the church office.

You may request traditional offering envelopes for 2021. Call me at 609-465-3411, and I will have them available to pick-up at worship, the church office, or mail the box of envelopes to you.

Your financial gifts, generous acts of kindness, and expressions of love that bless the entire community are deeply appreciated. May God’s grace and abundance continue to bless you with Christmas joy both now and in the years to come.


Elaine Jordan, Treasurer

2019-09-22 Message- Standard of Giving, Standard of Living

By Sermons

Taking care of ourself is good advice! Cold Spring Presbyterian Church provides resources for you to experience the abundant life through Christ, and all of us invest a great deal of our time, energy, and attention in accomplishing our whole-life wellness, which we can call our standard of living. We pay attention to all aspects of our life, our mind, body, and spirit, too, because our time, energy, and talents are exchangeable for the resources we need to maintain or improve our standard of living. The Bible speaks a lot about our standard of living, the standards we adhere to that show our love for God and others, and how we measure the standard of living we achieve.

This week, we will consider an often overlooked and misunderstood parable of Jesus about a business manager and how he traded his time, energy, and attention to achieve his standard of living, but forgetting its relationship to his standard of giving. (Fun Fact: Did you know that 38 parables deal directly with money? Yes! And in the Bible, more than 2,000 verses are about money and possessions!)

Pastor Kevin’s message, Standard of Giving, Standard of Living about a dishonest manager will help us all learn how to make the best, even shrewd, decisions, and teach our families to do the same, as we spend, save, and give, each according to our own unique life experience.

Hear the word. Internalize the word. Share the word! Catch up on recent messages at