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Message- Faith, Your Bicycle For the Spirit

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This week, Pastor Kevin’s message starts with the disciples asking for more faith to meet a particularly thorny problem about forgiveness. But in response, Jesus says they had all the faith required, it just needed to get in motion! So its like riding a bike, because there’s a huge difference in outcomes between riding a stationary bike and a moving bicycle. We’ll learn about a Scientific American study That Steve Jobs shared many years ago. The research evaluated which species on the planet was the most efficient in locomotion. While the mighty condor was above any other species, beating even a human in an automobile, it was a human riding a bike that blew the condor away from its top spot! We will learn we don’t need more faith, in a message titled, Faith: Bicycle For the Spirit.

We also gather for Global Peace and Witness- World Communion Sunday with an opportunity to receive a special offering to help put our faith into action locally and around the world. You’re invited to join us for inspiring worship as as we gather around the Lord’s Table. All this and more this week at Cold Spring Church, your neighborhood stop for moving faith.

2019-10-06 Message for Kids- The Power to Do Good

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What do you do when you get some money? What are your options? Well, you could spend, save, or give it away.

Doing good in my family, school, & community makes me happy Our brain is “hard-wired” to feel happy when we do good. You can increase your feelings of happiness by giving service and doing good to others. Directions: Make a list below of things you can do in your family, school, and community to make them better and happier.

“When we have the opportunity to help anyone,

we should do it” (Galatians 6:10a).

“Each one should give, then, what one has decided in your heart to give.

You should not give if it makes you sad.

And you should not give if you think you are being forced to give.

God loves the person who gives happily”

(2Corinthians 9:7).

God wants us to use our time, energy, attention, talents, and even our money wisely because God loves a cheerful giver. A cheerful saver. A cheerful spender. Being cheerful is remembering that God loves us and wants us to be loving towards others, too! You have the power to do Good!

Our Vision and Mission Shape Community-Focused Ministry

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Energize Your Spirit — Transform Your Life

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to experience God’s love in relevant, accessible, and authentic ways, and that our faith in practice represents an amazing opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world. Our thriving faith community puts God’s love into action to help make greater Cape May a better place. We welcome people of all ages to joyfully love and serve God and our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. God loves Cape May, and we demonstrate that love every day of every year!

Our Mission

Cold Spring Presbyterian Church energizes spirits and transforms lives by delivering  resources and experiences that are rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ through  inspiring worship, practical teaching, innovative programs, and community-focused events and ministries.

Established in 1714, Cold Spring Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and a member of the Presbytery of West Jersey. We invite you to become a part of our hopeful future.

(Our vision and mission was drafted by our Transformation Pastor and was updated received by the session in September 2019. It emerged from the work of the Mission Study Team including Marty Bowne, Kevin Beare, Taylor Burkhardt, intentional transformation journey our congregation began in 2016, including community-directed worship and events, congregational surveys, feedback, and the Focus Your Vision day in 2018. The comprehensive Mission Study will be completed in November 2019.)

Who is the Mission Study Team:  While the Mission Study Team (MST) was open to new folks joining in and helping out as we go along, the team to date included: John Stalford, Chuck McPherson, Melissa Arnott, Marty Bowne, Lenore Bowne, Larry Hume, Taylor Burkhardt, and Kevin Beare. Pastor Kevin led the team.

Why We Need A Mission Study: 305 years is a long time. And over three centuries, even since 2016, every community, everyone, experience change. More than you may at first recognize. Being in a community for a long time can so familiarize us to what we’re used to, that’s we cannot clearly see what has changed and who our neighbors have become. Cold Spring Church does many things, but the future belongs to ministries that can focus their resources to deliver amazing, life-transforming ministry the community really needs. We want to take best advantage of existing community resources, and convince our congregation and other friends that our story and program is worth supporting and investing in. In order to do that, we need to create as thorough and as balanced a profile of our community and our congregation as we can. . . . God is already at work in our community. Our task is to find out where Cold Spring Church can enter that picture moving forward.

Mission Grant Creates New Community Connections And Opportunities

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Thanks to a special community-directed $5,000 mission grant from the Presbytery of West Jersey, the session approved and has begun to implement our very exciting two-part mission initiative. Here is a summary of our project.

  • Podcasts and Streaming Videos: As part of our mission we will develop new ways to engage those who find it difficult or impossible to attend worship services, and those who are homebound, remote members, by delivering the worship experience as a video livestream, with post-worship video download as a podcast/online via our website. Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone can participate. Eventually, we may take realtime prayer requests, as well. This initiative is expected to incur costs of under $4500.
  • Conquering the Opioid Abuse Epidemic: As part of our mission, we will support families affected by addictions, especially affected by the opioid crisis, through group ministry of spiritual resources, small groups. Last year, more than 35 attended our Opioid Abuse and Prevention training in partnership with Rutgers University and Youth Advocate Program. Our new initiative, Thriving Families, will be implemented in 2020 and is not expected to incur costs over $500.

Getting Started—Campus Online Access: To extend our reach into the community, we encourage you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media share the good news with your friends and followers. Post photos or maybe a inspirational Bible verse or something you heard in the message, or song.

Facebook: coldspringchurch — Twitter: @coldspringnj

We want our WiFi network to enhance your experience while attending worship or another event, you may use our networks as listed below:

Price Hall Network Name: ColdSpringChurchWiFi Guest (no password required).

Red Brick Church Network Name: CSPCRedBrickWifi Password: See the password printed isn’t he weekly bulletin.

We are grateful for our friends in West Jersey Presbytery for their commitment to community mission and investing in our mission! Get connected and share your experience!



Share the Good News at Cold Spring Church

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Share Your Good News! To share your organization, team, or event news, or announcements and sign-up forms in our weekly Worship Bulletin and Connections, or the monthly Brickette, please send your information to Connor, our Communications Coordinator, at The publication deadlines are:

  • Worship Bulletin: 11:00 AM Wednesdays
  • Connections: 11:00 AM Thursdays
  • Brickette: 11:00 AM last Wednesday of every month

If you’d like your announcement to be shared at the beginning of the worship service, please contact Marty Bowne (Worship and Music Team leader), or Pastor Kevin, prior to worship.

Thank you for sharing your good news at Cold Spring Church.

2019 Annual Fall Picnic — Double the People, Double the Fun

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Our Fall Picnic was enjoyed by more than 70 people, doubling last year’s crowd! We celebrated our newest members, Lynda, Norris, and Larry & Carlene, and Beverly! Special thanks is expressed to the West Cape May Fire Company for the grill and cooking expertise of Chuck and Dave. Mister Softee made an appearance everyone enjoyed, especially the many children! (Thanks Kevin Beare!) Delicious salads, a Brownie Buffet, and other homemade items were made by generous individuals. Our special thanks to our church staff for setting up the tables and chairs making everyone feel welcomed! Thank you all! — Marjorie Wetherill, for the team.

New Members Welcomed on September 29, 2019

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Get To Know and Welcome Our Newest Members!

During worship on September 29, 2019, the congregation welcomed its newest members.

” The new disciples praised God, and they enjoyed the goodwill of all the people of the city. Day after day the Lord added to their number everyone who was experiencing liberation” (Acts 2:47, The Voice).

Lynda McCartney: Lynda is a Philadelphia native who has enjoyed Cape May for 20 years. She has three children (so far!) and enjoys fine dining, cooking, reading, swimming, walking, and film, not necessarily in that order. Lynda brings a 15-year history of teaching Sunday school as the Director of the AWANA program and a nursery and visitation worker. She is excited to join us and see how God will use her in our community.




Norris Clark:  Norris is the managing partner of Princeton Strategic Communications. He has been heavily involved in the local community as a board member of the local Big Brothers Big Sisters, the MAC, the NJ Delaware Bayshore Council, Historic Cold Spring Village, the Friends of the Fishing Creek School, and TEDxCapeMay. Norris served as Deputy Mayor of Lower Township, and is a seminary graduate with a Masters in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and he holds a BA in Philosophy from Covenant College.

2019-09-29 Message- The Case of the Man Who Never Noticed

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A 69-year-old Spanish man was fined after officials discovered he hadn’t shown up to work for at least six years. Ironically, the civil servant was discovered only when the deputy mayor attempted to give him an award for 20 years of “loyal and dedicated” service. He finally surfaced and was fined for abandonment of his employment. But, really, how could someone not notice he was missing?

Being a good neighbor is about closing the gaps. Building bridges. Making connections. Amazing things can result when we improve our noticinga and interacting with our neighbors. According to a U.S. survey (, there are generational, gender, religious, and political differences as to who makes the best neighbor. Fun Fact: Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) appear to be the nicest neighbors of any generation, but every generation can improve because 1/3 of Americans have never met their neighbors! The apostle Paul wrote, “When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it” (Galatians 6:10a).

Generational, gender, religious, income, and political differences created divisions between individuals and communities in Jesus’ day, too. This week, Pastor Kevin’s message, “The Case of the Man Who Never Noticed,” concerns a rich man who neglected his neighbor. More than a morality tale, we will consider the radical nature of Jesus’ mission and the equally radical call to address the chasms of life. Let’s close the gaps!

All this and more this week at Cold Spring Church. (And remember, following worship, we will enjoy our Annual Fall Picnic! See you Sunday!

2019-09-29 Message for Kids- Your Passport to An Adventure in Faith

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Have you ever joined a group? A club? Sure! Well, did you know you are part of a very cool group called the church!? I have a passport here for you to fill out. God has invited you to experience belonging, a tru part of our congregation. You are unique and we are so glad you as a part of us! Jesus invited us together to serve each other and others . A passport for a faith adventure that never ends!!Have you ever joined a group? A club? Sure! Well, did you know you are part of a very cool group called the church!? I have a passport here for you to fill out. God has invited you to experience belonging, a tru part of our congregation. You are unique and we are so glad you as a part of us! Jesus invited us together to serve each other and others . A passport for a faith adventure that never ends!!