Our transformation pastor, the Rev. Dr. Kevin Yoho, shares an energizing and interactive message from the Bible each week. Hear and share the Good News!

2019-12-08 Message- 5 Lenses of Christmas- Wide Lens, The Light of Possibilities

By Intersections, Sermons

In this second week of Advent, we are introduced to the affects of light shining on a crowd of people being influenced by John the Baptist. People from all walks of life are attracted to his message. What message did he proclaim? Well, he started off calling them a bunch of snakes! Then he called them on the carpet for taking advantage of the poor, mistreating neighbors, abusing the rights of citizens, and even cheating their employers out of an hipness day’s work. You might wonder how this calling to accountability and invitation to take responsibility was an attractive message. They knew John the Baptist saw the light of possibilities when he looked at them with a wide lens. We are responsible for the ideas we choose to spread. Be inspired to share your best ideas about God’s love!

2019-12-08 Message for Kids- Christmas Conversations

By Intersections, Sermons

Do you usually travel for the holidays? When was the last time you made a snowman? What was the worst Christmas present you ever received?! Great answers! Last week we learned that’s the candy cane was in the shape of a…? Yes, a “J”! And “J” stands for…? Yes, Jesus! Christmas is not a one-time event, it is a conversation based on celebrating the birth of Jesus, God’s Son, who is with us every day of the year! Take a candy cane from this box, and respond to the question. Great! What’s you favorite Christmas ornament on your tree? What is your favorite Christmas play? Super! This weekend, Melissa and I enjoyed time with family playing games and it was super fun! This week, spend time with your family. Maybe you’ll play some games. Instead of TV, try asking your family members to share what makes Christmas time so special to them. Ask, learn, grow, and through your family conversations, remember that God loves you so much! Have a conversation with Jesus every day! Christmas is all about conversations! Thank you for having this conversation with me today!

2019-12-01 Message- The 5 Lenses of Christmas, 1. The Normal Lens, From Influenced to Influencer

By Intersections, Sermons

“Advent” denotes the beginning of the Christian worship year as we bring into view Jesus’ arrival at his birth. Instead of jump-scares into Christmas and attending anxieties, many appreciated Advent’s needed time for reflection, preparation, and openness to new ways that Jesus can arrive in our lives. The four weeks of Advent begin this Sunday, December 1, when we celebrate around the Lord’s Table, enjoy special holiday music and decorations, our Poinsettia Trees, and light the Advent Candle of Hope! Your friends and neighbors will be grateful for your invitation to join you!

Pastor Kevin has also prepared a special Advent Series of messages using photography as a metaphor for our faith titled, The 5 Lenses of Christmas. Deeply focused on our Advent Scripture readings, each week we will create a different field of view using Normal, Wide, Ultra Wide, Telephoto, and Macro lenses in our spiritual camera bag that will bring our experience of Christmas into sharp focus.

This week we will use a Normal lens in a message from Matthew 24:36-44 titled, “From Influenced to Influencer.”Advent is a time to hear Isaiah the prophet urge us to walk in the light of the Lord while the Apostle Paul reminds the neighbors in Rome that God’s deliverance is getting closer every day. As we wait, Jesus’ words to be ready for Jesus are not intended to scare us or provoke fears of being left behind. Instead, Jesus promotes our growth in mindfulness that is a counter narrative to political rancor, consumerism’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and to instead respond in faith to opportunities at hand, like Giving Tuesday exhorts us to do!

Come to worship this week for your wake-up call to resist being negatively influenced to becoming an positive influencer of faith as we focus on Jesus who continues to arrive in our life each day.

2019-12-01 Message for Kids- Let the ADVENT-ure Begin With A -J-

By Intersections, Sermons

Notice anything different in our sanctuary this morning? (Kids notice everything!) Poinsettia Trees, decorations, the Advent Candles, and yes, a manger. Wait! It’s empty. Each week we will add characters to our Manger scene because Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of, who? That’s right, Jesus. And for our journey I want to give you a very special energy treat, its a Candy Cane! (Each child is given their own candy cane.) In this special package is not only a candy cane, and a Christmas stocking, but the story of how the candy cane came to be invented. It all started in Indiana, and well, you can learn more about it during your learning time upstairs in a few minutes. Here’s one thing you may not have known. The candy cane is in the shape of? (Turn the candy cane upside down.) A -J-! A -J- for? That’s right, Jesus. Next week we will continue our ADVENT-ure, add a few characters to our manger scene, and prepare for a great celebration, on the birthday of who? That’s right! -J- for Jesus who is with us every day.

2019-11-24 Message- Welcome Home. Where You Belong.

By Intersections, Sermons

Where do you call home? We are a transient society. Roots are short. Transplants are the norm. Fewer of us stay in place. You may be one of the 50 million motorists in motion this week. Or perhaps you are preparing for friends and family to gather at your place. Everyone starts somewhere. And even more importantly, everyone ends up someplace. Your place may be cozy, safe, and warm, but for more than 500,000 Americans without  a permanent “address” this week, their experience of home is quite different and they deserve a warm smile, healthy meal, and a safe place to live. Wherever our home, God welcomes all of us to be at home where we are, and to make our place a home for others, too.

This week, Pastor Kevin invites us to think about the reasons God has placed us in the physical and spiritual locations where we live. Some of us might think about this quite a bit, especially if we’ve undergone a major transition or if we felt led to our current homes for employment or retirement. Life transitions and unexpected changes, welcomed or not, can leave us feeling anxious and unsettled.

Throughout the story of Scripture, however, place is a very important concept. The Promised Land was a place of peace and prosperity, and the prophets spoke of God’s involvement in our daily live. Jesus said we should take care of our neighbors and to be comforted knowing that God’s eternal home is open to us. Place matters.

Wherever you’ve been, and no matter where you may be going this Thanksgiving, experience gratitude and spiritual abundance at Cold Spring Church where everyone can discover a safe place to experience God’s love in Christ.

Welcome home. Where You Belong.

2019-11-24 Message for Kids- You’re Welcome!

By Intersections, Sermons

So much to be thankful for! I’m thankful for YOU! Thanks for joining me up front each week. Did you know that Advent is the start of the Christmas ADVENTure? It starts next week. And what ties Thanksgiving and Advent together is Jesus’ Welcome to everyone to join him on this adventure. You are always welcomed here. How could you show welcome to your classmates? Family? Reach out to someone who may be feeling alone or sad. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be thankful that God always welcomes us, and for us to show our gratitude by being welcoming to others, too! Happy Thanksgiving! And, see you next week when our ADVENTure begins! I can’t wait!

2019-11-17 Message- No Idling. Get Energized. Do Good.

By Intersections, Sermons

Pulling up in front of a loading zone, the sign read: NO IDLING. A car running at idle doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Idling is a wait-state between off and on. In fact, idling not only needlessly consumes fuel, but creates noxious fumes for those walking nearby. It’s better to be off than idle. It’s best, though, to get energized and move forward!

This week, Pastor Kevin’s message from 2 Thessalonians 3 will invite us to examine the status quo and honestly take a look where we are within it. Is there anyone who hasn’t gotten weary in doing good? Found yourself stuck in idle? Get your faith in gear this week and with the spiritual fuel you need. Not to “work harder,” but love more, trust more, serve more, feel more engaged doing good.