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2018-10-07 Message- How to Live the Ultimate Life, The Spirit of the Game

By Sermons

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). The word abundantly could also be translated ultimately. Jesus sails our life can be an ultimate life, a life experience beyond our greatest hopes or soaring imaginations! This week, we will find out how to live an ultimate life as we consider three related Bible texts about integrity, living our lives with a coherent sense of truth, respect, and character (Job 1:1ff; Hebrews 1:1-2ff; and Mark 10:2-16.) We will also learns few lessons from the Frisbee!

More than sixty years ago, the Frisbee flying disk was created by Walter Morrison and Warren Franscioni, in part inspired by the Roswell flying saucer sensation and originally called the Pluto Platter. Frisbee’s now famous name is a spin-off from a defunct Connecticut bakery, Frisbie Pie Company. New England college students often tossed empty pie tins around for fun, a habit that led them to refer to the Pluto Platter as a “frisbie.” Recently, the Frisbee is earning an even greater recognition than being one of the most well-known and well-loved flying toys of all time. The International Olympic Committee is considering adding competitive Ultimate Frisbee to the official sports line-up. (Ultimate will be the only sport not to have one of these _____. Can you guess? Listen for the correct answer!) This week at Cold Spring Church, find out how Jesus’ words and Ultimate Frisbee can inspire you to lead the Ultimate Life!

2018-10-07 Message for Kids- Learning Respect With the Frisbee

By Sermons

What are some rules you remember? No running down the hallway? Sitting quietly in class. Hands and feet to yourself! Sure. Rules are necessary so that everyone can be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We live our best life when we follow the right rules. You know, the game of Frisbee has rules, too. Here’s a Frisbee for you. Our game is to toss the Frisbee to the pew and the rule is throw it just hard enough so that it doesn’t end up in rear of the sanctuary! And it has to land on the bench. O.K. Play! Great. So each of you played the game and you followed the rules. God has given us some rules, too. We find them in God’s love letter to us we call the Bible. In the Bible we learn about how Jesus lived his life and how to make our life look more and more like his! They guide us. They remind us. And when we have Jesus in our heart, we can learn and grow to follow the rules on our own. Whether in games or in life, following the rules helps us to treat others with dignity and respect, and also have a lot of fun as we live our very best selves. Enjoy the Frisbees!        

2018-09-23 Message- Make Church Great Again. No Child Left Behind.

By Sermons

Make America Great Again is , well, a great slogan! It stirs our imaginations to conjure images of America as Great! But what is our frame of reference to be Great? Back a few centuries ago, America was considered Great because it was the friend of all, welcoming of every religion, even the Puritans (who were kicked out of England because their faith was just weird), the Anabaptists (who fled Europe because their faith was non-conformist), the Roman Catholics (who were feared to be worshipping a prince in a tall white hat instead of the Prince of Peace), and welcoming of Italians, Germans, Scots, French, Asian, African, and South American countries, too. Being great means no one is left behind. There is room for you. One more. The ones no one else seems to want. The others who are forgotten. Being Great as in winning the Great War, enjoying the Greatest Show on Earth, hearing the Greatest story ever told, singing Great is Thy Faithfulness, and recalling Jesus tell his disciples, Greater things you will do, are all, as I said, really great. Aspiring to greatness can be a great thing to aspire to. But what is great? And how do we as individuals become truly great? How do our communities become great? How can Cold Spring Church become great?  How can America become great? Well, what did Jesus say about greatness? Let’s take a look at Mark 9:30-37.

The disciples followed Jesus, literally followed him as he walked around. They were his students and where Jesus went, they went. But from many accounts in the Gospels, the disciples not only stayed attentive to their spiritual coach, they also had their own huddles with one another just out of earshot of Jesus. (An interesting Bible study could be looking up the manny times Jesus asks, “What were you discussing along the road?” ) Just out of earshot may protect your private conversation from a hard of hearing friend, but Jesus is not hard of hearing. He hears the whimpers of a baby and the sighs of the aged, Jesus hears all, something the disciples just couldn’t understand. So, the disciples were in their huddle, chatting up a storm, when Jesus asks, “What were you discussing on the road?”

Not a peep. Like getting caught in science class whispering to a classmate. Stoic Silence. Apparently no one admitted the conversational topic. THey were too embarrassed. But like I said, Jesus is not hard of hearing. He sits them down in the home they arrived at, and starts addressing what they thought was a silent running.

“So you want to be great?”

Simple. Include everyone. Welcome this child. Love this child. Protect this child. As you welcome children, you are welcoming me, Jesus said. To be great, is to be the servant of all. All of us are children. Some of us just move faster or slower than others. Every age. Every person. Welcome. Now, let’s show God’s love as servants in the community, and to the degree we serve, we will be great again! And that’s Great!