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Image of God

2019-02-17 Message for Kids- The Image on a Dollar, the Image on Your Life

By Sermons

Happy Presidents Day! Whose image is on this ONE DOLLAR bill? Right. George Washington. George Washington, like every president, like everyone, did lots of wonderful things for the country. And, well, some not so good things, too. But he is honored for the good. And, to honor dead presidents, we have placed their image on the currency we use. Its a way to be reminded of those great things. For example, George Washington said, “It is impossible to govern without God and the Bible”. Even in Jesus’ day, they put the image of the king on their coins. But did you know you have an image on you? Yes, that’s right. You are created in God’s image. So when you look in the mirror, I want you to remember that you are created as a unique expression, image, of Jesus. We want to look more and more like Jesus each day. When you help others; Are active in doing good things. You show that image most clearly. You may even be president one day! But until then, all of us help each other to show God’s image in how we act and through the decisions that we make as we serve others. So happy Presidents Day. And be joyful, because you are made in the image of God.

2018-11-11 Message for Kids- Priceless Kids Are God’s Workmanship

By Sermons

You are priceless! God created you as his workmanship. At each stage of our life we find ways to showing evidence of God’s work in us through Jesus Christ! You have ideas? Doing homework? Cleaning your room? Helping a neighbor of grandparent to the car? Taking the dog out! Saying kind things to others. Each of us can show God’s workmanship, its like he has signed you as an original! And that’s what you are! Now, this week, let’s show what God can do!