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Good Samaritan

2019-07-14 Message- Who The Good Samaritan REALLY Is

By Sermons

When Jesus’ advance team returned, it was a celebration like no other! Last week I sent the kids on their own “You Go First!” Journey to the balcony to retrieve a hidden treasure and bring it back. remember what they discovered in the yellow bag?! Amazing things happen when Jesus asks us to go first! (You may want to listen to the message, “You Go First!”, here!)

Immediately after those good news reports, a lawyer who wanted to prove himself stood in the front of the group and asked Jesus who his neighbor was. NOBODY ever asked that question! Why would they? But Jesus answered the lawyer’s question with a story about a Samaritan (i.e., bad guy in the story) who was good (not the fairy tale ending the lawyer was expecting!).

One take-away as we hear this story is to be inspired to be a better neighbor as we identify with the Good Samaritan and be more like him. Good. But could we identify not with the Good Samaritan, but with the Good Traveler who was left for dead along the road, the one whom the Good Samaritan generously assisted? Umm.

Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen in a ditch? Lost your way? Maybe felt like someone or some thing left you for dead? Maybe you’re run out of resources when you thought that would never happen to you! Feels bad, sure. We all have felt like that from time to time. But the Good News twist we’ll discover is that we’ve got a lot in common with that Traveler on the road and we will take a few steps in the Traveler’s shoes to prove it. But if we are the Traveler in the story, who is the Good Samaritan representing? Find out this and much more on Sunday, July 14th!

Become a part of Jesus’ story this week the Red Brick Church where travelers from Mayflower descendants to presidents have found hope for the journey. You’ll want to bring along a few traveling companions to worship with you, too. We’re ready for a road trip at Cold Spring Church!