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2020-02-02 Message- Neighbor-Words Bless Neighborhoods

By Intersections, Sermons

“Words to live by”… Whenever we hear this phrase our ears perk up, hoping that what’s spoken next will benefit us, or bless us. This week during worship in the Red Brick Church, we will hear what many consider to be Jesus’ most famous “words to live by” from Matthew 5:1-12 and Micah 6:8. As we will discover in Pastor Kevin’s message, Neighbor-words Bless Our Neighborhoods, blessings are the results of corresponding actions, not words alone. It is not what Jesus said but what he did (words into action) that brought about the reconciliation of the world. Jesus didn’t just change the world, but saved the world. Each of us can turn words of blessing into actions that bless our neighborhoods.

‘The influence of good people makes a city great.

    But the wicked can destroy it with their words’ (Proverbs 11:11 ICB).

This Week’s Actionables:

  1. When have you felt blessed by God? Why? What did that look and feel like? What changes did that blessing bring?
  2. What does it mean to you to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God? (All tangible actions.)
  3. What influence will you exercise in your life that will comfort others? Provide mercy? Include the “outsider”? Help someone experience God’s love in their life?

This is a great week to invite a friend or neighbor to worship with you. Once we were strangers, now we are neighbors and friends!

2020-01-26 Message- Neighborhood Free For All

By Intersections, Sermons

How much does it cost? We ask that question a lot. Of all the prices to be considered, $10.99, 2 for $5, $30/week, even 1 million dollars, the price that is uniquely preferred to any other is FREE! Everybody likes free!

A lot of the online services you probably use are free. Gmail is free. Facebook is free. Yahoo News is free. Buy one and get one free. Food delivery can be free. But increasingly, companies are trying to figure out how to start charging, at least for some services, some of the time. But once free is the norm, its hard to accept when its not. Researcher Russ Roberts of George Mason University found out how upset WWII vets remain with the Red Cross when they stopped offering donuts for free! Get the rest of the story, find out what free really costs, and how we can bravely follow Jesus in Pastor Kevin’s message from Luke 17:11-19, Neighborhood Free for All. What’s free may be worth everything to you, and certainly to our neighbors!