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2019-05-12 Message For Kids- God Has Faith In You, Believing In Tough Times

By Sermons

Melissa and traveled to another part of the world and discovered a really cool place people lived long ago. Can you guess what part of the world it was in? Go ahead, guess! OK. Mexico. Not even close! Again? Somalia. Well, on this globe, the place I want to tell you about is within an “inch or two” of Somalia! Here is is. I’m talking about Turkey, the country, not the bird. In Turkey, Melissa and I learned that early followers of Jesus loved him very much, but not everybody else agreed with them. In fact, some of the countries leaders hated Jesus and chased the Christians into the mountains. They lived in carved out rooms like this… This is a carving from Turkey in Cappadocia representing the places Christians fled for safety. Sometimes, you may feel that others around you may treat you differently because of your faith in Jesus. Remember that no everyone had to agree and believe like you do! People have choice and God loves everyone, never giving up showing love to everyone. God has faith in you! Always. I’m glad you believe in Jesus, trust in him, and will remember that those early Christians believed in tough times, and didn’t stay in the mountains. Soon, they returned to their homes and lived as faithful followers of Jesus sharing the good news of God’s love.