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2022-08-14 Hybrid Worship

You have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you – just as you are, right where you are, anytime. Our welcoming, energizing, community worship premiers at 10:30 AM every Sunday in the Red Brick Church. We are fully accessible and lot parking is available. Stay for our Hospitality Table following worship. Get news and event information in your inbox every week by subscribing to our weekly Connections email newsletter. Sign up here!

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Message Preview

Everyone has faith in something. We can’t begin our day without it. Faith empowers us to dare, imagine, and hope in what can be and what we can become in Christ. Where do you need to see victory in your life today? Let’s focus less on measuring how much or how little faith we have and instead decide in what and in whom to place our faith. God is faithful and worthy to be the object of our faith. In Hebrews 11, we will consider a list of ordinary people commended for faith not fully realized. Jesus is the finisher of faith. We will re-visit the story of David and Goliath and discover that victory for Israel was not the moment Goliath tumbled to the ground. Instead, David’s faith put victory in motion when he bent down to choose five smooth stones from the river. Find out how well-placed faith can bring victory in your life, too. “Our faith is the victory that overcomes the world” (Hebrews 11:4, ISV).

(Tip: Remember that friends don’t let friends miss out on spiritual energy that can change their lives! This week is a great time to invite others to join you!)

Music Preview

Gloria Echols is a gospel singer from Pennsylvania who will sing two duets with her former co-worker, the Rev. Larry Moyer. Gloria led a non-profit housing assistance organization serving low-income and unsheltered individuals. She is a featured soloist at her church in Landsdale. Gloria and Larry will sing Great is Thy Faithfulness and Let There Be Peace On Earth.

We Walk By Faith, written by Henry Alford (1810-1871). Alford’s most famous hymn is probably Come, Ye Thankful People Come. Our sending music is the anthem Hymn of Promise by Natalie Sleeth. It was composed in early 1985 and dedicated to a friend diagnosed with cancer and died weeks after its premiere. Soon after the anthem was published, it became known by an alternate title, In the Bulb There Is a Flower, encouraging us to hope in Christ.

“…That you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:18).

Whatever your religious affiliation, or none at all, we all hear Jesus say, “Come to me all who are overburdened, and find rest for your soul!” Everyone is welcomed at Cold Spring Church. Yes, everyone!

Enjoy sitting with others from greater Cape May as we worship together. We simplified our service and made it even easier to participate, with our Worship Guide and lyric videos displayed on a large screen.

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Physical distancing and masks are recommended bu are not required!

You have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you – just as you are, right where you are, anytime. Subscribe to our weekly Connections email newsletter. Sign up here!

Energize your life and discover the amazing love of Jesus! This week is the perfect time to join us in person for worship. Enjoy live music and solo, lyric videos, and a message of hope from God’s word.

We are excited to welcome you to worship in our historic Red Brick Church that premiers on Sundays at 10:30 AM.


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