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2022-11-20 Hybrid Worship

By November 15, 2022November 18th, 2022Intersections, Newsletters, Sermons

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Message and Music preview!

Let’s get grateful on Christ the King Sunday!

Message Preview

Where do you call home? Some are heading home this Thanksgiving. According to The Vacationer, which just released its annual 2022 Thanksgiving Travel Survey, over 43% of American adults (ages 18 and up) plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year, a slight increase from the 42% reported in last year’s survey. That’s more than 112 million travelers, based on the most recent U.S. Census data. “Unfortunately, Americans are seeing rising gas prices and expensive flights and understand they will have to pay more this year to travel for Thanksgiving,” according to The Vacationer.

We are a transient society. Transplants are the norm. Few of us stay in place. Perhaps you are preparing for friends and family to gather at your home or travel to another’s. Everyone starts somewhere. And even more importantly, everyone ends up someplace else.

Your place may be cozy, safe, and warm. We are mindful that more than 500,000 Americans are without a permanent place this week. While we experience gratitude, others seek shelter. Their experience of home is quite different, and they deserve a warm smile, a healthy meal, and a safe place to live. Thank you for sharing out of your abundance in any way to help make your place a welcoming home for others, too.

On Christ the King Sunday, we will consider the Gospel from Luke 23. How did Christ the King end up on the cross? And what about the other two, also condemned to die? From Skull Hill to a welcoming eternal home, God has placed us in the physical and spiritual locations where we are. Throughout the story of Scripture, the place is a very important concept. The Promised Land was a place of peace and prosperity. , and the prophets spoke of God’s involvement in our daily places. Jesus met people in the places they called home, and he continues today. God’s eternal home is open to us. Place matters.

Wherever you’ve been, and no matter where you may be going this Thanksgiving, experience gratitude and spiritual abundance at Cold Spring Church, where everyone can discover a safe place to experience God’s love in Christ the King. Welcome home, where you belong.

Music Preview

We begin with our Fall countdown, setting the theme for our worship experience today. Jayne McDonough will accompany Larry Moyer, singing Here I Am to Worship, by Tim Hughes. After reading Philippians chapter 2, Hughes reflected on the attitude of servanthood Christ displayed and wrote the verses to the song. How do we respond to our God when we approach him? This song offers us a posture of bowing down in humility. If Christ was humble, should our worship not reflect that? Following the message, we will enjoy a music lyric video, Give Thanks. In 1978, a young seminary graduate named Henry Smith struggled to find work and came to terms with a degenerative eye condition that would eventually leave him legally blind. Despite those hardships, Henry found hope in 2 Corinthians 8:9 and penned Give Thanks, one of the most beloved songs of our time. And now let the weak say, I am strong; Let the poor say, I am rich because of what the Lord has done. Years later, a young worship leader named Don Moen would record Henry’s song, helping to carry it around the world. Today, you can hum Give Thanks at almost any church in the world, no matter the country or the language, and someone will recognize this simple song of thanksgiving and trust.

Just before the Benediction, we sing Now Thank We All Our God. Although this hymn is often used on festive occasions, its first two stanzas had much humbler beginnings: they originated as a family table prayer during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). These words have been associated with this tune and, later, Thanksgiving in the United States.

Whatever your religious affiliation, or none at all, we all hear Jesus say, “Come to me all who are overburdened, and find rest for your soul!” Everyone is welcome at Cold Spring Church. Yes, everyone!

Enjoy sitting with others from greater Cape May as we worship together. We simplified our service and made participation even easier with our Worship Guide and lyric videos displayed on a large screen.

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Physical distancing is recommended but not required!

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Energize your life and discover the amazing love of Jesus! This week is the perfect time to join us in person for worship. Enjoy live music, solo, lyric videos, and a message of hope from God’s word.

We are excited to welcome you to worship in our historic Red Brick Church that premiers on Sundays at 10:30 AM.


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