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2022-06-26 Hybrid Worship


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Here’s this week’s worship preview!

Message Preview

Journey with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. Luke’s Gospel is a “Travel Narrative” as Luke follows Jesus and the Disciples from Galilee to Jerusalem. A journey from the life Jesus knew in Galilee to the death he will experience in Jerusalem. “When the day drew near for Jesus to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.” And some of the disciples followed him on “the Way.” Like early Christians, this became the rallying cry to follow Jesus on The Way. For us today, the task of following Jesus becomes one of discovery. Discovery is whom we are called to be and what we are called to do. This journey with Christ will mean facing trials and tribulations; however, there is also the promise of transformation and that our lives will be saved.

Music Preview

The composer of If I Have But a Moment, Sally DeFord, tells this story about the song: “I always marvel at just how much our Savior accomplished during what was a very short ministry. There were so many demands on his time. Yet though he had a great work to perform and labored far beyond the strength of any other man, he was still accessible to those who needed him, stopping along the way to lift, heal, and comfort.

As we strive to offer Christian charity and service to others, there are many demands on our time. We are busy people. I remember a day when a busy visiting teacher brought me flowers “for no reason at all.” Perhaps she picked them up at the grocery store check stand on a whim and stopped by on her way home.

She did not know how much I needed her kindness that day. It was a small act of service that I have never forgotten, rendered during a time of quiet grief. The memory is a gentle reminder to me that when I am in danger of being caught up “in the thick of things,” that much may be accomplished though I have but a moment.” Barbara Cain will be singing, If I Have But a Moment. 

Our lyric video hymn following the message, “Oh, That the Lord Would Guide My Ways” was written by Isaac Watts (1674-1748), the Father of English hymnody. The hymn is basically a prayer, asking God to help the singer live within God’s will and, if he should stray, that the Lord would bring him back. Everything is in God’s hands. 

Herman Stuempfle’s hymns offer honest accounts of how we are as human beings. The closing hymn, “Would I have answered When You Called” represents a personal reflection on the Gospel stories of Jesus recruiting his first disciples, with their concise narratives of call and response. Jesus calls “Follow me”, and the fishermen brothers Simon and Andrew do just that, without hesitation.

It may be that, like Jesus’ first disciples, “all I longed for I have found by the water” and that we desire to “seek other shores” with Christ. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “when the chips are down…”, how easy would we find the call – not least if we are were required to follow Jesus in giving our lives for our faith commitment? Would we, like Jesus’ scattered disciples, have “slipped away and left you there alone”? (v.3). The truth is, Stuempfle concludes, many of us have to say “we do not know”. We can only pray that Christ-in-us will give us strength beyond our own “to follow faithfully.” (v.4)

“…That you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:18).

Whatever your religious affiliation, or none at all, we all hear Jesus say, “Come to me all who are overburdened, and find rest for your soul!” Everyone is welcomed at Cold Spring Church. Yes, everyone!

Enjoy sitting with others from greater Cape May as we worship together. We simplified our service and made it even easier to participate, with our Worship Guide and lyric videos displayed on a large screen.

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Physical distancing and masks are NOT required!

You have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you – just as you are, right where you are, anytime. Subscribe to our weekly Connections email newsletter. Sign up here!

Energize your life and discover the amazing love of Jesus! This week is the perfect time to join us in person for worship. Enjoy live music and solo, lyric videos, and a message of hope from God’s word.

We are excited to welcome to worship in our historic Red Brick Church on Sundays at 10:30 AM.


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