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2022-05-08 Hybrid Worship

By May 5, 2022May 8th, 2022Intersections, Newsletters, Sermons


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This Week’s Preview

Message Preview

Moms know the voice of their children. Neuroscientists point out that a child knows their mother’s voice first and favors it above all others, listening to it before a child is born. Sounds call us to attention. Hearing moves us to action. Our brains process sounds non-stop, from threatening to calming sounds. We don’t have “earlids.” We must discern the sounds and signals we want to receive from distractions and noise. Listening comes first in life, and to live our very best life, we must hone our listening skills to pay attention to who and what matters. Do you hear me?

This week, let’s visit a sheep herd with Jesus the shepherd, who uses sheep as a metaphor for being faithful disciples. In “Our Listening Life,” Pastor Kevin’s message will offer essential tips for improving our spiritual acoustics because listening is foundational to being fully human, and fully Christ’s.

Music Preview

We will enjoy a special Mother’s Day tribute from Beverly Mate, who will sing God of the Women. Following the message, we will sing Like a Mother Who Has Borne Us, written in 1958 by Daniel Rodney Bechtel, a minister of the United Church of Christ. This text was inspired by how the prophet Hosea describes the parental nature of God’s relationship with Israel (Hosea 11:1–19). The last stanza echoes Christ’s teachings about the love of neighbor (Matthew 22:37–40/Mark 12:29–31) and care for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:31–46).

Our sending music video is Speak, O Savior; I Am Listening from Koine Ministries. Anna Sophia (1638-1683) wrote this hymn as a leader in the Lutheran Church in Germany.

“…That you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:18).

Whatever your religious affiliation, or none at all, we all hear Jesus say, “Come to me all who are overburdened, and find rest for your soul!” Everyone is welcomed at Cold Spring Church. Yes, everyone!

Enjoy sitting with others from greater Cape May as we worship together. We simplified our service and made it even easier to participate, with our Worship Guide and lyric videos displayed on a large screen.

Worship anytime on YouTube Live!
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Physical distancing and masks are NOT required!

You have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you – just as you are, right where you are, anytime. Feel free to share photos or text friends about what you are learning! Subscribe to our weekly Connections email newsletter. Sign up here!

Energize your life and discover the amazing love of Jesus! This week is the perfect time to join us in person for worship. Enjoy live music and solo, lyric videos, and a message of hope from God’s word.

We are excited to welcome to worship all who are able and comfortable in our historic Red Brick Church on Sundays at 10:30 AM.


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