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2020-02-09 Message for Kids- Your Light Matters

By February 9, 2020February 10th, 2020Intersections, Sermons

When you move in a dark room or space, what do you need to see? Right! Light! Flashlights are way cool. But did you know that every day as you move through life, you have a powerful light that is better than any flashlight you could carry? Yes! It’s your inner light! A light that never dims and a light that God put there to show you the way. Jesus is the Light of the World… and we can sense his presence in our life, be open to God’s action in our life, and by listening to God’s word that lights our path, and your family and the family here at Cold Spring Church, you will always be heading in the right direction… toward the Light that is Jesus! So let your light shine! Your light matters.


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