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2019-11-24 Message- Welcome Home. Where You Belong.

By November 24, 2019November 25th, 2019Intersections, Sermons

Where do you call home? We are a transient society. Roots are short. Transplants are the norm. Fewer of us stay in place. You may be one of the 50 million motorists in motion this week. Or perhaps you are preparing for friends and family to gather at your place. Everyone starts somewhere. And even more importantly, everyone ends up someplace. Your place may be cozy, safe, and warm, but for more than 500,000 Americans without  a permanent “address” this week, their experience of home is quite different and they deserve a warm smile, healthy meal, and a safe place to live. Wherever our home, God welcomes all of us to be at home where we are, and to make our place a home for others, too.

This week, Pastor Kevin invites us to think about the reasons God has placed us in the physical and spiritual locations where we live. Some of us might think about this quite a bit, especially if we’ve undergone a major transition or if we felt led to our current homes for employment or retirement. Life transitions and unexpected changes, welcomed or not, can leave us feeling anxious and unsettled.

Throughout the story of Scripture, however, place is a very important concept. The Promised Land was a place of peace and prosperity, and the prophets spoke of God’s involvement in our daily live. Jesus said we should take care of our neighbors and to be comforted knowing that God’s eternal home is open to us. Place matters.

Wherever you’ve been, and no matter where you may be going this Thanksgiving, experience gratitude and spiritual abundance at Cold Spring Church where everyone can discover a safe place to experience God’s love in Christ.

Welcome home. Where You Belong.


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