2019-11-17 Message- No Idling. Get Energized. Do Good.

By November 17, 2019 Intersections, Sermons

Pulling up in front of a loading zone, the sign read: NO IDLING. A car running at idle doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Idling is a wait-state between off and on. In fact, idling not only needlessly consumes fuel, but creates noxious fumes for those walking nearby. It’s better to be off than idle. It’s best, though, to get energized and move forward!

This week, Pastor Kevin’s message from 2 Thessalonians 3 will invite us to examine the status quo and honestly take a look where we are within it. Is there anyone who hasn’t gotten weary in doing good? Found yourself stuck in idle? Get your faith in gear this week and with the spiritual fuel you need. Not to “work harder,” but love more, trust more, serve more, feel more engaged doing good.

Kevin Yoho

Kevin Yoho

As a transformation specialist, consultant, and author, I equip individuals and teams to achieve their life’s mission, building capacities and new community connections, like I have enjoyed doing at Cold Spring Church. I also enjoy presenting innovative ideas with congregation’s and teaching U.S. and international students on the faculty of City Vision University. Kevin believes that every church can deliver relevant and hopeful wrote about what he’s learned as a pastor and regional leader in his recently published book, *Crayons for the City: Reneighboring Communities of Faith to Rebuild Neighborhoods of Hope*.