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2019-11-10 Message for Kids- Conversations With Jesus

By November 10, 2019November 11th, 2019Intersections, Sermons

We call talking to God prayer. God wants us to ask questions. To wonder about stuff! Do you have questions? Sure! And God listens to us. Some students gave me this talking Jesus doll a long time ago. Listen. (Bible verses spoken.) Wow. Pretty cool. But this, of course, is not really Jesus! But you can talk to the real Jesus anytime you want. By directing your inner voice to God in prayer we can have a conversation with God, and when we read the Bible, and listen to God’s Spirit, we can learn and grow, too. God loves you and wants to have a real conversation with you every day! In good times, and when things aren’t so nice. God is with you. How great is that?!


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