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2019-06-23 Message for Kids- You’re the Superhero of Your Own Story

By June 23, 2019June 27th, 2019Sermons

Who is your favorite superhero? Lots to choose from! Walking down our aisle right now is super-model, our own, Mr. Chuck McPherson (not really a model!). He is wearing on of my favorite T’s featuring Jesus sitting on a steel beam with an assortment of superhero’s. Spider-Man hangs there. There’s Superman, Captain America, Batman, and many more. If you could be the hero of your own story, what powers would you want? Here’s the good news, while those particular powers may not be granted, Jesus makes you the hero of your own story. You’re created to know the Super Savior, Jesus, who is quite different than the other cool superheroes.

1. For one thing, superhero’s aren’t real! Jesus is.

2. Superhero’s all have powers, but they are vulnerable to one or more dangers, even fatal ones. Of course, we all have anxieties, fears, and parts to our life that may be called vulnerabilities, so we are more like superhero’s than we might at first think. But Jesus, has no vulnerabilities, sinless, nothing stops him from loving us or being with us. Jesus is a real hero because gave his life for us to live forever, then came back to life for ever! No superhero can do that!

3. Superhero’s have fans, but not followers. Jesus is personal and wants us not only to follow him, but to be like him! He gives us the Spirit to live more like him every day. Jesus invites us into our story and to share that story with others! Superhero’s don’t do that.

What kind of hero will you be? Chose to follow Jesus, to know Jesus, and an amazing story will be yours!


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