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2019-03-03 Message for Kids- Mardi Gras is For Everyone

By March 3, 2019March 5th, 2019Sermons

Where did Mardi Gras come from? Well, it means Fat Tuesday. Why is it called Fat Tuesday? Because people wanted to eat-up all the foods they decided not to eat during the 40-days of Lent so they had festive parties to empty their cupboards and refrigerators. They also decided not to wear fancy clothes and jewelry during Lent. Lent is Latin for the number “40”, and the 40-day Lenten Journey begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes at Holy Week and Easter when Jesus was raised from the dead! So let’s get ready for what’s ahead by sharing these beads to celebrate that Jesus walks with us every day. We should share that message with others, too. These beads will help. Would you help me give away these beads to the congregation today?! What do the beads say on them? Peace, Justice, Power, Hope, Love! God loves us and is powerful to protect us and give us peace, justice, and hope!


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