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Poinsettia Dedications 2020

By December 23, 2020Intersections

While 2020 has presented us with many difficulties and changes, we are happy to still have our annual holiday poinsettia dedications.

In honor of our frontline health professionals, nurses, doctors, and first responders.

In memory of Family Members from Elaine Jordan

In memory of Mother Helen and Sister Kathy from Joan O’Neill

In memory of Parents from Bev Mate

In memory of Parents from Chuck McPherson

In memory of Jenny Rosa and Charlie Mason from Tom & Mary Imperato

In memory of Parents from Lenore & Marty Bowne

In memory of Everett and Virginia Keen from Nancy Wand and Family

In memory of All Our Loved Ones from Barbara & Elmer Cain

In memory of Jim’s Parents from Edward & Ruth McCaughey

In memory of Jim’s Brother from J. Robert McCaughey

In memory of Rebecca’s Parents from William & Bette Carson

In memory of Parents from Everett and Virginia Keen

In memory of Sons from Steve & Tom Wilson

In honor of Tom and Steven Wilson from Nancy Wand and Family


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