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Hello, neighbor! We provide spiritual resources in the name of Jesus Christ that you need to live your very best life. Jesus called it the Abundant Life! As your neighbors in greater Cape May, New Jersey, we stand with our community affected by the opioid epidemic, especially families grieving the loss of loved ones. As a community we can, and we will, do more. From interactive and energizing worship, to dinners, concerts, Bible studies, and community partnerships, we are making new connections. A new resource called Thriving Families for those affected by the opioid crisis will begin soon. For more information, please contact us!

Special Holy Week events will inspire you and your family, especially our 6:15 AM Easter Sunrise Service at Sunset Beach on Cape May Point. And its followed at 10:30 by our Easter Celebration at 10:30 AM in the beautiful, historic, red brick church.

We continue to pray for families and communities directly affected by tragic accidents, fires, racial and religious violence, and hopelessness. The Risen Savior, Jesus Christ, calls us to be peacemakers, to work for justice, and show God’s reconciling love and kindness in our ministry and mission every day in greater Cape May. You have a safe and welcoming place here!

Join Us In Planting Seeds of Hope in our Community!

(…and we can’t wait to see what grows!)

Our Focus Is On You!  — All Are Welcome
Energizing Worship — Transforming Mission

Whatever your faith, church, denominational experience, or even if you have no religious affiliation at all, Cold Spring Church promises you a warm welcome, spiritual refreshment, and an enjoyable, empowering experience.

Be a part of our mission of transforming lives and communities in the name of Jesus Christ!

Upcoming Community Events To Energize Your Life

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Wed 4/18 5:00 pm
Soup & Bread Maundy Thursday Meal
Price Hall
Sun 4/18 6:00 PM
Maundy Thursday Communion
Worship Center Red Brick Church
Sun 4/21 6:15 am
Easter Sunrise Service at Sunset Beach
Cape May Point, Sunset Grill
Sun 4/21 10:30 am
Easter Sunday
Worship Center Red Brick Church
Tue 4/23 10:00 am
Deacons Meeting
Taylor Room, Price Hall
Fri 4/26 3:00 pm
Celebrating the Life of Margaret Jane Peacock—Memorial
Red Brick Church
Sun 4/28 10:30 am
Come As You Are Worship
Worship Center Red Brick Church
Sun 5/5 10:30 am
Come As You Are Worship
Worship Center Red Brick Church
Sun 5/12 10:30 am
Happy Mother’s Day!
Worship Center Red Brick Church
Sun 5/17 10:30 am
Worship and Hospitality Table
Red Brick Church
Sun 5/24 10:30 am
Worship and Hospitality Table
Worship Center Red Brick Church
30-Day Challenge
Focus Your Vision

Caring For Families Needing Dignified Personalized Burial Services For 300 Years

With over three hundred years of serving families, the professional staff of Cold Spring Cemetery knows how to provide dignified and personalized burial services for people of all faiths. Making arrangements for yourself and your loved ones is often not as easy as we expect, but Cold Spring Cemetery’s compassionate staff is here to guide you through the process. Pastoral family services are also available.

Call 609-884-5130 or email to speak with our burial specialists.

Click Here To Learn More About Our Burial Services

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The Rev. Dr. Kevin Yoho, is a minister member of West Jersey Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He is a transformation specialist, author of Crayons for the City, and in September 2016, began serving Cold Spring Presbyterian Church in a part-time, interim role as Transformation Pastor. His mission is to resource the leadership and congregation to clarify its mission, reconnect to the community at large, and improve the growth and vitality of the church. Kevin’s life mission is building hopeful and healthy communities using the lens of theology, technology, and transportation…

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