“Always be joyful. Never stop praying” (1 Thes. 5:16-17).

This Week’s Prayers of the People. Loving God, hear our prayers…

Our prayers are with you, wherever you are. We also lift up to God all nations and communities, families, and individuals most affected by the pandemic, racial unrest and violence, discrimination, and systemic justice issues. God grant you peace and calm amid the changes and challenges we face in preserving all lives and that everyone would thrive in wellness. (Names below have been shortened for privacy.)

04/11: For all those suffering from a lack of resources so that they might have their needs met through Jesus Christ in mind, body, and spirit. 04/04: Christa M. having surgery on Tuesday;Dan M. with Covid;, James and Amanda Dodd expecting first child 4/8!  Charlie K. Kidney disease problems; for all those alone on Easter and holidays; for church family; Kimberly T, covid. 03/28: Beth, covid. Carol C infection, Jean. Mass shootings, severe weather events. 03/21: Greta S, broken collar bone. Dennis M, home. Eileen S, home. Steve M, physical therapy. 03/14, Connie M; Kerrin R. radiation treatments. Children, grandparents. Thomas family. 03/07: Guy K. Dennis Jr, cancer treatments.  02/28: London (5) mother passing. Roger H. Cianchetta Stringer family. Healing. Dave W, rehab. Jake L, rehab.

Parents and guardians as schools re-open in-person and online. Frontline caregivers. Our congregation, community, area churches, and businesses. Those grieving lost loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Those in the military: Anthony A., Cpt. Laura C, Cpt. Sean C, Pvt. William C, US Army, 2nd Lt Michael C, USAF, S. Sgt. Richard E, head injury victims.

What is Prayer?

Prayer may best be described as a conversation with God. While folding our hands is frequently associated with someone praying, hand-folding is not required for God to hear us, of course! Eyes open or closed. Standing, sitting, walking, driving, or any possible activity can be a perfect context for talking to God. Record, write or draw your prayers. Remember, the apostle Paul said to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). So, the main thing is to just pray.

How Important Is Prayer?

What is your response when someone offers to pray for you? You welcome the prayer, right? Have you ever replied, “No thanks, I don’t want your prayer”? Some people may resist the idea of prayer for any number of reasons, but most of the time, people welcome prayer. Jesus models a life deeply expressed by prayer. Our active prayer list engages us. Every week, we share requests and answers to prayer that encourage all of us.

Pray Photo by Joshua Hanks on Unsplash