Christmas Day Worship—Come As You Are!

Do you need an hour on Christmas Day to reconnect to the energy from Christmas Eve and relax with a community of friends in a simple worship service? Cold Spring Church is offering just that experience on Christmas Day from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.

Let's enjoy your favorite carols that are easy to sing, reflect on the wonder of the Christmas Story, and respond to God's grace flowing freely in the humble birth of Jesus.

No need to get fancy unless you can't wait to wear your new Christmas outfit. Really. Come as you are. Be comfortable whether alone or with friends and family and the kids. Older adults and babies too, have a place at Cold Spring Church. We know something about welcoming hospitality and spiritual energy because we have been making connections in this community for more than 300 years!

The service is a time to share prayers and wishes, from personal comfort to world peace that will bind us to the energizing Spirit of Christ who makes all things new!

Merry Christmas!