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Supercharge Your Life at Cold Spring Church

By Intersections

Supercharge Your Life!

You’re Ready! You’re Invited!

Our next Explorer Group is starting July 21, meeting before worship on the 2nd floor of the Red Brick Church at 9:15 AM. During the three (3) consecutive Sundays, July 21, 28, and August 4 (with make-up dates available if you run into a schedule conflict!) you can discover abundant resources to live the abundant life!

Hello friend,

I hope now is the time for you to say “Yes!,” and attend our informal and informative Explorer Membership Orientation starting Sunday, July 21st.

RSVP today! Call 609-884-4065, or email

We are delighted that you have found many reasons to be involved at Cold Spring Church! You have worshipped with us, attended our events, volunteered in numerous ways, and have become an important part of our community of faith! We are honored by your current connection with us. But I think you may be ready for something more.

We will gather for three Sundays: July 21, July 28, and August 4. Our 45-minute sessions will begin at 9:15 on the 2nd floor of our Red Brick Church Worship Center!

Bring your questions, doubts, and stories as we get to know one another and find out what others have discovered to be the life-enriching benefits and responsibilities afforded to members, as we consider the foundations of the Christian faith, and the unique place Cold Spring Church has in God’s mission right here in Cape May.

Let me know this week that you want to build a new future as an Explorer in 2019! This is the year of possibilities that starts right now! However you choose to connect, we are delighted that you are part of our community!

RSVP today! Call 609-884-4065, or email

I hope to see you at 9:15 for our first class on the 21st.

Pastor Kevin

Transformation Pastor

2019-07-07 Message- You Go First!

By Sermons

Last week we crossed the Rubicon where Jesus was leading us to spiritual resolution and revolution, hopeful futures, and transformational change. Well, this week, our Gospel reading is from Luke 10, and instead of following Jesus, Jesus tells us to go first! Really?
Jesus did amazing things. He showed people the way, spoke the truth, and gave life. But there comes a time when disciples have to go out on their own. Like our campus’ eagles, George and Adele, who forced their eaglets, Elliot and Eloise, out of the nest so they could achieve their potential and take responsibility for their own future!

Similarly, Jesus sent an advance team of 72, ordinary people in need of the kindness of strangers, yet given the authority to heal and cast out spirits, a power made known to those who welcome them and provide for their needs. The Jesus way requires trust on the part of those going and those to whom the disciples are sent to produce a plentiful harvest to be gathered, shared and used to feed the world, physically and spiritually.

Maybe you’re like me, feeling a bit overwhelmed when my grandkids wanted me to go on the Buccaneer Pirate Ride. Whoa! Did I want to go first? No way. But, I knew it was important to them, and also to me. Wow! Going first can be scary sometimes, but God sends us ahead with the promise of a harvest of goodness, if we don’t give up! What a ride!!

We may think: wouldn’t it have been better for Jesus to go first and for us to follow? Wouldn’t Jesus going first offer a greater display of power get people’s attention and move the story of redemption forward with greater speed and efficiency? Apparently, no. All of us have been sent ahead. Are you ready to go first? Jesus is.

One way to “go first” is to invite someone with you to worship this week. It’s time to leave the nest! Get up and go!

2019-07-07 Message for Kids- God’s Advance Team Includes You

By Sermons

Do you know what an Advance Team is? When an important plan is underway, like when the President of the United States has to visit, a team of people, an advance team, is sent first to prepare, check it out, bring back information, and be sure its secure for the president’s visit. Let’s experience being on an advance team together. Would you enjoy that? OK! Are you ready? Pay careful attention to the directions, and up in the balcony, you will find a yellow bag. (More details are given you will hear in the message.) Before I send you, let’s pray and ask God to help you. (Prayer.) (Returning with the yellow bag!) Great job. Enjoy the treats in the bag. Choose your favorite! And remember, God has an advance team. You know who that is, right? Yes! You! Now go, listen to Jesus’ word, and enjoy your discovery every day!

Our Session Leadership Team

By Intersections

A Session is the leadership team for a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation, a denomination that Cold Spring Presbyterian Church has been a member of since, well, before the denomination was formed! The Session is comprised of nine (9) women and men who are Ruling elders elected by the congregation to terms of service. The Session Meeting gathers monthly with the Transformation Pastor, Dr. Kevin Yoho, who serves as the Session Moderator. The Session is responsible for the spiritual vitality of its members and listening to the Spirit of God and the voice of the congregation to best serve the community of Greater Cape May, New Jersey.

2019 Session Team Leadership: Our elders lead one of four ministry teams. Speak with them to share your ideas, concerns, joys, learn more, or please, join a team that interests you.

  • Congregational Life: Marjorie Wetherill, Pamela Barsby
  • Worship-Music: Martin Bowne, Rob Riehl
  • Finance-Personnel: Vickie Banks, Tom Imperato, Charles Keister
  • Cemetery-Church Property: Bob Olivieri, Kevin Beare

The Top Ten Session Responsibilities include:

  1. Mission of the church (working with the congregation, inspiring the congregation, and equipping the congregation to achieve the vision and mission of Cold Spring Presbyterian Church)
  2. Worship (providing regular, spiritually energizing and equipping, experiences)
  3. Transformation (learning and growing in community-directed ministry)
  4. Evangelism (sharing the Good News about Jesus)
  5. Community (serving the community of Cape May)
  6. Education (providing learning experiences for all ages)
  7. Stewardship (promoting the joyful participation of our time, energy, and attention to support God’s work)
  8. Finance (setting the annual budget, financial review and accountability, and investing resources)
  9. Administration (works with the pastor to pro five supervision and training to all staff)
  10. Higher Governing Bodies and Ecumenical Relationships (regularly participating in the regional ministry of West Jersey Presbytery, the national ministry of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.), and local ecumenical partners)

Additional session leadership resources are discussed in the, The Presbyterian Trustee, A Guide, (Geneva Press, 2004).


How To Create A Thriving, Growing Church. Great Ideas + Thoughtful Action = Transformational Change

By Intersections

  “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Hi friend,

What are you thinking about? Got a few great ideas? Whatever it is, pay attention to it because what we think about affects our actions. Thinking, while important, is just well, thinking, unless those good thoughts are put into positive action.

Our Time, Energy, and Attention represent what we believe. (For more on TEA, read my post about Charlie Brown, here.) Our attention is not only influenced by our faith in Jesus, but our thinking including our experiences, biases, fears, hopes, and dreams, also influence our thinking!

Psychologists, pastors, and educators all know that our thinking is influenced by our actions and attitudes. Visualization coaches and trainers recognize that realizing high achievement requires mastery over our thoughts. Take a minute and consider your thinking habits.

Getting control over our thinking begins by changing unhelpful thinking habits into more productive ones. Once you can identify your unhelpful thinking styles, you may become aware they often occur just before and during distressing situations. If this is your experience, you can try different techniques to refocus your mental frame of reference and choose alternate thoughts empowering yourself to see the situation in a different and more helpful way.

The Mental Filter- Some thought habits can function like filters allowing us to notice only what the filter allows or wants us to notice, and we dismiss anything that doesn’t. Like looking through dark lenses or paying attention to only the negative stuff, anything more positive or realistic is dismissed. Ask yourself, Do I only notice the bad stuff? Am I filtering out the positives? Am I wearing those dark glasses that cloud my thinking? What would be more productive and realistic?

“Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse” Philippians 4:8 (MSG).

What thoughts help you grow and change? Remember, “…the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Let’s make July a month of great thoughts that are transformed into action by God’s Spirit. Thank you for all you think about… and then do! Great Ideas + Spirit Led Action = Transforming Change!

Let’s keep creating A Thriving, Growing Church. Great Ideas + Thoughtful Action = Transformational Change!

All the  best,

Pastor Kevin

2019-06-30 Message- Revolution Starts By Crossing the Rubicon

By Sermons

The Rubicon river in Italy is not large, but it holds a huge place in history. You have heard the phrase, “Crossing the Rubicon,” which means to pass a point of no return. It refers to Julius Caesar’s armies crossing of the river in 49 BC which was a dangerous, revolutionary act! There was no going back for Caesar once he was on the other side.

All of us must “Cross the Rubicon” of faith, too. That’s because the decision to put Christ first in one’s life is also a revolutionary act! Following Jesus is not a religious sentiment, a mere credal affirmation. Following Jesus means we go where Jesus goes. Act like Jesus acts. And we are empowered to live our very best selves, empowered to transformational change inside and out. And since our following, while definite, is often side-tracked, God asks us to cross the Rubicon again and again throughout our lives.

When we cross the Rubicon, a revolution is begun and our perspective changes. We see things from a changed vantage point. We stand in a new place, and step off in a new direction. Jesus was constantly inviting his followers to embrace paradigm shifts. Sure, its uncomfortable. Scary at times. Uncertainty, fear, and dread (and it can sometimes feel this way!) are never fun! But we demonstrate our trust and love of God when we decide to follow Jesus with opened eyes, in a spiritually open and intellectually honest way, and embrace God’s emerging future. The future is now. Today. Tomorrow. And beyond. If following Jesus doesn’t feel like an adventure to you, maybe your feet are still in the river?

When is the last time you sat down for 30 minutes, relaxed enough to reflect about your life, your life’s mission? You might be surprised what God speaks to you concerning some needed shifts in thinking or urging courage to put your faith into practice.

The early disciples “Crossed the Rubicon” but still stumbled. They didn’t get Jesus’ message about cross-cultural engagement, love, respect, and living a life of mercy, forgiveness, and hope.

They didn’t get Jesus’ insistence that His kingdom was not of this world, but that kingdom must manifest itself in the world. They were looking for a Messiah that would kick the Romans out of town, but what Jesus wanted was his disciples to help transform the town in Jesus’ name.

This Sunday let’s meet Jesus at the “Rubicon” of our lives because when we decide to follow Jesus, A revolution is begin.

2019-06-30 Message for Kids- Revolutionary Nation, Revolutionary Jesus

By Sermons

This week we celebrate the 4th of July. Do you know why? Because somebody started a revolution! A group of women and men got together not far from here in Philadelphia and made a decision to change who the nation followed. Instead of England, and King George, they decided to follow God’s  guiding principles they learned in the Bible and govern themselves. It was a revolution! A revolution occurs when a decision is made to totally change things for the better. Jesus was a evolutionary,, too. When we follow Jesus, he changes things. Let’s remember this 4th of July that once the revolution starts, it keeps on going. Enjoy the light-up foam flag sticks! Every July 4, we celebrate that revolution. And every day, we celebrate The life-giving revolution Jesus calls us to as we follow him.


2019-06-23 Message- Everyone Has A Story, Spiritual Consumption to Production

By Sermons

Everyone loves a great story. But did you know you ARE a story? Each of us represent a story being written every day as we experience life and enjoy our relationship with God through Christ. In Luke 8, find out what happened on the beach one day when new connections were made. When we connect with Jesus, we experience God’s love in a very personal and transforming way. Jesus heals us, transforms us. We are restored to the world. Our story unfolds in God’s emerging future of hope! That’s great news for Cape May! It’s awesome news for the entire << Test Last Name >> family, too!

There’s a huge difference between being a spiritual consumer and a spiritual producer. When we consume, we take all the good and keep it to ourselves to enjoy. But when we realize God has blessed us to share with others, we become a spiritual producer! Cold Spring Church has been a spiritual production house of worship and mission site for 305 years! We have a story to tell, and you are part of that story!

When we encounter Jesus on our particular beachhead, with our own affirmations, afflictions, and addictions, and are healed and transformed by his mighty power and love, Jesus doesn’t want us to keep that to ourselves. That would be selfish! That would be like keeping a light under a bushel basket, wouldn’t it? It would be like finding a piece of nourishing bread and then withholding it from someone who is hungry!

Did God heal your illness? Spread the news.

Did God restore a relationship? Spread the news.

Did God bring you unexpected financial help? Spread the news.

Did God give you hope? Spread the news!

Did God answer your prayer? Spread the news!

Did God give you a second chance? A third or fourth chance? Spread the news.

This Sunday let’s meet Jesus at the “beach”, of our lives because when you meet Jesus in your greatest or your darkest hour, the place of deepest joy or need, God graces you with blessings too good to be true, but which are true, that doesn’t stay at the beach.

What happens on our “beach” is worth spreading near and far. Find out how this Sunday. Remember to invite a friend to worship with you. Spread the news, because everyone has a story to share!

2019-06-23 Message for Kids- You’re the Superhero of Your Own Story

By Sermons

Who is your favorite superhero? Lots to choose from! Walking down our aisle right now is super-model, our own, Mr. Chuck McPherson (not really a model!). He is wearing on of my favorite T’s featuring Jesus sitting on a steel beam with an assortment of superhero’s. Spider-Man hangs there. There’s Superman, Captain America, Batman, and many more. If you could be the hero of your own story, what powers would you want? Here’s the good news, while those particular powers may not be granted, Jesus makes you the hero of your own story. You’re created to know the Super Savior, Jesus, who is quite different than the other cool superheroes.

1. For one thing, superhero’s aren’t real! Jesus is.

2. Superhero’s all have powers, but they are vulnerable to one or more dangers, even fatal ones. Of course, we all have anxieties, fears, and parts to our life that may be called vulnerabilities, so we are more like superhero’s than we might at first think. But Jesus, has no vulnerabilities, sinless, nothing stops him from loving us or being with us. Jesus is a real hero because gave his life for us to live forever, then came back to life for ever! No superhero can do that!

3. Superhero’s have fans, but not followers. Jesus is personal and wants us not only to follow him, but to be like him! He gives us the Spirit to live more like him every day. Jesus invites us into our story and to share that story with others! Superhero’s don’t do that.

What kind of hero will you be? Chose to follow Jesus, to know Jesus, and an amazing story will be yours!